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March 1996                                                                                                                 

WMHK 20th Anniversary

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans

WMHK & CityLight

Carolina Coliseum – 12,000

Launched Williams-Brice Stadium Vision


August 1996                                                                                 

When We All Get Together Praise Revival

Christian Productions & CityLight

Capital City Stadium

Speakers – Pastors from all denominations


September 1996                                                                                 

Victorious Christian Life Conference

CityLight & North Trenholm Baptist Church

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans

North Trenholm Baptist Church


November 1996                                                                                        

Standing In The Gap Conference

Various Churches

Keynote Speaker – Francis Frangipane

Forest Drive Baptist Church


September 1996                                                                                    

Turning Point School Assemblies

Precision Tune & CityLight

Keynote Speaker – Joseph Jennings


January 1997

Witness For Reconciliation

SC Christian Action Council

Various Churches

March to State Capitol


February 1997                                                                                                                                   



Keynote Speaker – Dr. Stephen Manley

First Church of the Nazarene


February 25, 1997                                                                              

State Evangelism Conference Rally

CityLight & SC Southern Baptist Convention

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans

Carolina Coliseum – 12,000


March 1997

Racial Reconciliation Celebration

Keynote Speaker – Rev. Ronnie Brailsford

Rosewood Baptist Church


May 18 – 20, 1997                                                                                                          

 Tony Evans Crusade

Sponsor, CityLight

Williams-Brice Stadium – 80,000


May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 1997                                                                         

The Oasis Crusade Follow-up

Sponsor, CityLight

Township Auditorium


1998 – 2005                                                                                       

Easter Sunrise Services, Finlay Park


Ministering to 3200 in eight years


October 1999                                                                            

God Beat Me Here (Defeat of Video Poker)

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans

Sponsor, CityLight

Carolina Coliseum


April 2000                                                                                                           

Easter 2000 Sunrise Service

Williams-Brice Stadium – 35,000


February 2000                                                                                                             

Cross Style Conference

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Stephen Manley

CityLight, Christ Central


April 2002                                                                                                        

1st SC Call to Care Conference

CityLight, Christ Central

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Stephen Manley

First Church of the Nazarene


April 2003                                                                                                        

2nd SC Call to Care Conference

CityLight, Christ Central

Keynote Speaker – Dr. John Nichols

First Church of the Nazarene


Summer – 2003, 2004, and 2005                                                                            

St. Andrews Kids Kamps

CityLight, Christ Central, & Local Churches

Ministering to1600 children in three years


April 2004                                                                                    

3rd South Carolina Call to Care Conference

CityLight, Christ Central

Keynote Speakers – Gladys Grimaud, Jimmy Jones

First Church of the Nazarene


January 2005 – March 2007                                                                                                       

The Esther Way

Founders, Gladys Grimaud, Judy Cook

Director, Luella Redfern


Keynote Speakers – Margie Gallman, Gladys Grimaud


April 2005                                                                                                           

4th SC Call to Care Conference

CityLight, Christ Central

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Stephen Manley

First Church of the Nazarene


September 2005 – March 2006                                                                           

 Hurricane Katrina Relief - Biloxi,Mississippi

First Responder with Christ Central, Salvation Army

Hundreds of churches and homes cleaned and repaired

Thousands of people ministered to physically, mentally, spiritually

Rebuilt widow’s house with Peace of Prince Baptist Church


October 14, 2005                                                                                                 

Hugs From Carolina Campaign

(Mayor Bob Coble’s Proclamation of Columbia’s

Adoption of Biloxi with Olivia, the Octopus)

- Launched at Biloxi, Mississippi at Compassion Central

CityLight, Auntie Karen Foundation

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tony Evans

Adopted 20 children and eight families for Christmas


December 2005                                 

– Adopted 120 children who gave 14,000 hugs and earned $3000


September 2005 – January 2006                                                               

End of the Spear Movie Campaign

Bearing Fruit Communications Inc., CityLight

Five movie reviews in South Carolina & North Carolina

Ministered to hundreds of people


February 2006                                                                                                           

Coat Drive for the Homeless

Collected 400 coats distributed at Christ Central Ministries

Boy Scouts of America, CityLight


August 6, 2006                                                                                     

Enough is Enough – End Gang Violence

A Better Way – Gang-Out & CityLight

Keynote Speaker – Rev. Redfern II, CityLight

Rev. AV Strong, A Better Way

March to the State Capital Building to Pray for Youth


April 6, 2006                                                                                                                              

Rescue the Children

To Encourage Adoption and Foster Care

CityLight, Ecumenical

Keynote Speaker – Dr. JoAnn Ballard

Neighborhood Christian Centers

Memphis, Tennessee

Capital City Club


September 2006                                                                           

5th South Carolina Call to Care Conference

CityLight, Christ Central

Keynote Speaker – Rev. Redfern II, CityLight

Jason Conrad, Christ Central

Embassy Suites Hotel